21 Jump Street Movie Reaction

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  1. I get the whole thing of talking about the “current climate” and all that shit, but you have to watch this like you would South Park or Family Guy. They’re gonna make fun of everything, there’s no bounds, you just gotta let loose and enjoy it.

  2. Yea I feel like there’s a conversation to be had about the climate but in a comedy like this you just need to be able to turn off your offended gauge and enjoy the film and jokes for what it is

    1. My guy they literally talked about it in the discussion. Some of the jokes are funny and you just have to understand that it’s a parody of the police but the truth that the parody stems from is uncomfortable and gross. Yes you can enjoy the movie, like they did, but it’s natural for some of the jokes to make them uncomfortable lmao. They literally talked about it.

  3. WHAT?! you’ve never seen this or the tv show? sigh oooooooooh BABY! you are in for a treat. this is going to be a boss reaction! hope you add the sequel to your list. yes this is better but if you love this: 22 is a must watch

  4. This movie is hilarious and some of the jokes certainly do make you uncomfortable in so many different ways. It’s very effective humour and satire all in one. And so much of this movie is so meta! Thanks for another great as always!!!

  5. I don’t think Aaron understood the concept of “strap on”

    “….I wouldn’t mind having a women strapped on my back” – Oh Aaron ?