22 Jump Street Movie Reaction

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    1. You wait until this season ends and MVA arc wraps cause even though it’s minor spoilers they won’t watch it tilll it supposedly slots into the timeline

  1. saw it twice. once in theater and once at home. own it but i only remember liking the villain. i loved the first one SO much i had too high of expectations for the sequel. hopefully this rewatch will change my mind

  2. not like you would have remember him. i know i didnt. i recognized agent just before eric did lol. like i said i saw this movie twice and i so dont remember this zuke dude or the actor. in my mind winter soldier is the first time i saw him. now jillian bell, she made an impression. LOVE HER. this is the film that i discovered her.

  3. i get you didnt watch 21 jump street (kids!) but how do you not know the greatness that is richard grieco????? and the hottie with the body dustin nguyen sigh all 90s big names and jump street alums.

  4. The scene in the restaurant after Ice Cube finds out he’s fucking his daughter is my favourite.

    The way they both are trying to awkwardly focus on anything else kills me. First the water and then the string beans lmao.

    That and when Jenko finds out and he’s laughing and running around the precinct.