A Silent Voice Movie Reaction

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  1. Hey guys thanks for reacting to my of my favorite movies of all time just want to give some quick answers for 48:50 is that someone can leave this world peacefully and in a way beautifully and it gives her the resolve to make her choice it pretty much undermined her sister’s hard work in an instance and 53:25 you guys are kinda right for a long time in japan there was no way to say “I love you” It was apparently too expressive it was only when foreigners started translating stories to Japanese did the phrase start being needed and the first version pretty much translated into “the moon is beautiful” but it is still to this day it is root of the way people now say ” I love you ” in Japanese.

  2. Enjoyed this reaction and the great discussion guys! Glad you all have watched this movie and Your Name.

    I would love to see you guys react to an anime movie called Redline. It’s basically podracing, but with some of the best animation and art style. Very underrated movie in my opinion.

  3. This is probably the first movie I’ll watch the full, uncut reaction to. It usually doesn’t feel super necessary to me, but I love every second of A Silent Voice, and I don’t think I quite realized how long it was until I saw how much had to be cut out for the reaction. I’m so glad you guys got to see it, though!

  4. In the manga for this movie, it shows quite a lot more which was skipped from the movie. For instance, they showed that the teacher was actually involved in the bullying, and thanked shoya for making her move as he hated having to deal with her. They also had to skip over shoko’s mother’s backstory, where shoko’s father blamed her mother for shoko’s disability, and that explains why shoko’s mother is so distant and seemingly angry. There are also a few more things which are changed or skipped, so I encourage anyone who loves this film to check out the manga version.

    But I’m so glad that you all loved this movie, it’s my favourite anime movie of all time and I just had to see the entire reaction. It was worth the cost.

  5. To answer Rick’s question on Moon and Love: In japanese the casual / polite way to say love is “suki”. Suki can also mean “I like you”. (note: you may also hear that “i love you” is Aishiteru, but it has a more serious meaning) Anyways, moon in japanese is “tsuki”. So that’s why he misunderstood her saying moon instead of like/ love.