Agent Carter 1×5 Reaction

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  1. Iron Ceiling is hands down my favourite episode. I want to think that if Agent Carter had continued more than 2seasons, perhaps we would have seen more of the Commandos, esp Dugan. The background flashbacks for Dottie introduce (or confirm) more cannon for the history of the Red Room& I’m hoping in some way it gets referenced in the Black Widow movie.

    There were many members of the Comandos& the roster changed throughout the years.

    Jim Morita served with the Commandos during WW2; his grandson is indeed the Principal of Midtown Tech. (both played by Kenneth Choi)

    While the identity of Tripp’s grandfather has never been revealed, many think he may have been Gabe Jones who served with the Commandos during WW2.

    Peg finally gets a chance to prove her Value and utters one of the show’s most iconic lines. “Do as Peggy says!”
    Now if only the men in her life would listen. 😉