Agents of Shield 7×9 Reaction

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  1. This was a great episode. I was sad and upset that Enoch died here. I was hoping he would make it to the end, but damn did that conversation with Daisy and Coulson hit an emotional cord with me. Coulson LMD getting more frustrated with his own situation and struggling with his identity. He has all of the original Coulson’s memories and feels he has lived them, but at the same time he isn’t exactly Coulson. Daisy treats him like he is the original, while May keeps him at arms length because he is not the original and she doesn’t want to get attached. Having that bleed into his time loop where he has start each one as turned off and needing to be turned on whenever Daisy remembers to strengthened the performance. Coulson and Enoch stole the show for me even though Simmons, Daisy, and Sousa had good emotional moments. If Sousa cannot be with Peggy than Daisy is a good alternative.

  2. this episode was amazing, elizabeth henstridge did an AMAZING job with it. of course none of us will recover from enochs death, but it was really touching. also i cant wait for iain de caestecker to finally make his appearance. i miss our engineering fitz

  3. What a fantastic episode. I really want to know what made Jemma start to cry so much after removing the chip. It’s like a memory suddenly came back that hit her really hard.