Andor 1×1 1×2 1×3 Reaction

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      1. Eric said they were given the first 4 episodes early to react to and promote. We wont see their 4th reaction till the episode drops, but they can talk about their thoughts on it with their review of the first 3

    1. pretty sure that’s a fake vendor account. YT’s DMCA system is ridiculous. No verification of who’s legit. Some kid made a fake vendor and took down like 50 videos in Bungie’s name. They’re suing him for $7.6M now lol

    1. I disagree – because we know where he is gonna end up we need more backstory and intrigue. Knowing how he grew up and his relationships with people and his poor work life. Letting you sit in his world. These first episodes are to give us motivation and throughlines for the rest of the show. 3 episodes, in the long run, is nothing. It is not about reachability, it is about how good the writing is and how it takes its time to set up motivation and character and not rush into it

    2. The new characters have characters and feelings, and the world is set and made. It is not boring, it is slowly burning to the high point. If you listen to the characters, try to understand them, follow in their motivations, and understand them. Each scene is well written and doesn’t and has character-defining moments and dialogue that doesn’t rely on a fight scene to keep you interested because it doesn’t need it. If you watch it for the character piece it is then you’ll understand. This is a character show and builds on his relationships with clever dialogue and writing that is more well done than any show before it in this universe. They don’t need to explain anything, you get it by just watching them talk to each other. The dramatic tension of the backstory reaches its peak when it symbolises the end of episode 3, the anxiety when he finds out he killed a guy, and the suggestive moments with characters showing his relationships with them. It is unbelievably well written. You are just not getting what you expected