Arcane 1×3 Reaction

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  1. I would like to watch these but the patreon linker seems to be broken. I keep telling it over and over to allow patreon to see my information, but despite being the correct tier of patreon, I still can not view any of the videos.

  2. Yeah it sometimes does that if u are on a vpn or something , or sometimes the cookies just dont work. clear your cache and cookies next time and sign back into patreon again and THEN refresh the blindwave page. :”)

  3. Claggor deserved so much more, Erik? Is it because he’s your cosplay for next Con? πŸ˜› If I can find some steam punk coggles (cog goggles) I’m going to send them to you guys.

  4. I seem to be stuck in a loop of allowing Patreon access to my profile info but not unlocking the video. I’m on the right tier though. Any help? I tried clearing cache and cookies, still nothing.