Arcane 1×5 Reaction

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  1. Anyone think that Claggor has a high probability of being Blitzcrank? I mean, they even resemble each other and I think is coggles are foreshadowing for Blitz.

    1. Highly unlikely as in the base lore there is a certain character that creates Blitzcrank, and I don’t think there is any reason that they would have met Claggor.

  2. Imagine dragons actually play League of Legends and in 2014 they made song called Warriors for League of Legends esport finals named Worlds…and they were so loved by League community since then and Riot knew it so Riot asked them for another song…and we were gifted by amazing song called Enemy…search it up its specificaly made for Arcane, Fortiche (animation studio that made Arcane) even made animated music video for it in style of Arcane