Arcane 1×7 Reaction

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    1. Dante voices him in Legends of Runeterra, Reeds voices him in Arcane. With Antony Del Rio voicing him in League, Ekko has 3 different Voice Actors by now.

  1. So the idea that the game exists canonically within the lore used to be a thing, they had the Institute of War and it was basically how nations settled disputes. It was written out about 4(?) years ago as part of a big lore refresh, since the powerscaling of entities that are playable in the game are very not compatable. Literal deities are not on the same power level as, say, man with sword. Honestly kinda glad that they got rid of it, since it ended up having to be shoehorned into every backstory and kinda left most characters in a ‘this is the solution to my one conflict’ holding pattern.

    1. I agree its way better now. Though the shtick was useful for noncharacters like Jax where he was canonically overpowered so they nerfed him by giving him a joke weapon that he ended up becoming a monster with anyways. Not worth it in the long run but the old lore had it’s moments.

  2. I don’t think they’ll be able to, but I desperately want them to react to the music video of Enemy (intro song). I feel like after seeing that music video, Ekko and Jinx’s fight becomes even more heartbreaking when you realize they were not just friends, but best friends.

    I love Arcane so much!!

    1. Yes they should! maybe not react because copyright but its worth checking out at least it adds so much to the show like ekko saying vi has showed him some of her moves in one of the first two episodes gets more context through that music video

    2. Heck it was even more than that. In the game, Jinx and Ekko has a special interaction, where if Jinx is nearby, Ekko can use a taunt towards her and say: “I used to have a crush on you, until you started talking to the guns”

  3. i recommend checking out the music video of “Enemy” from Imagine Dragons it adds to the series. They added scences from arcane that are not in arcane and just in the music video

  4. i knew you guys would love this episode!! That Ekko and Jinx fight was some of the best animation i’ve ever seen, telling so much history with no dialog at all! Eric is so right @ 18:00 everything from the soundtrack, to the writting, to the world, voice acting and animation is soooooo good.

  5. The other issue with jayce, is everyone around him is pulling him in different direction. build weapons, dont build weapons, strive for science, be safe in your research, be a politician at any cost, be a scientist and dont sacrifice your principles. this man just wanted to make tech with magic, and people around him pushed him into basically leader of piltover, and hes getting very conflicting advice

    1. he’s also not really an independant thinker. He hasn’t made one decision of his own during the entire show up until this point, so that makes it so easy to manipulate him. He really lets people push him around.

  6. He didn’t actually rewind time in that scene. It was him recalling how they used to play. He played out the scenario in his head. The rewind was a nod to his ability in game.

  7. I remember reading a comment about the Ekko Jinx fight that really stuck with me, it basically noted the detail that usually anytime Jinx uses the “Powder” face, it usually morphs into this sinister smile before she gets the jump on whoever she’s fighting, but here that doesn’t happen, Ekko was the only other person to able to bring out the actual Powder other than Vi, the emotion on her face as she pulls the pin on that grenade is I think a personal top 5 moments of the season for me…