Arcane 1×8 Reaction

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  1. I think it would be interesting to hear which character they crew (besides Aaron) think are champions from the game and if they think they are “safe” or not. I found it hilarious that Eric was surprised when Clager and Milow died in ep 3 but thats because I knew Vi and Jinx from the game so I knew they would be safe. And this show isn’t Canon lore so Idk if that makes anyone truly “safe.” Great work guys!

  2. Another thing to notice during the Viktor running scene is that he’s able to keep up with (and outrun) the boats in the background. The opposite of what happened when he was a child and lost his boat.

  3. She actually wasn’t pushing for Hex tech weapons, more so she just wanted more hex tech Technology in general, I don’t think she paid enough mind to the war aspect of it all.

  4. Exactly my thoughts on that scene where Jayce shoots the kid….in like 80% of shows these days when they show war or fights, its just good guys being badass, kicking ass and pretty much no consequences….but here its like a punch in the gut where you are excited to see them fighting and then BANG….you are in Jayce’s head, shocked and only watching as the kid falls….and they didnt have to show it and its so cruel that they did but how its quiet, camera looking at the ground and just the landing of that kid, that sound effect is just twisting your insides like..makes you uncomfortable