Arcane 1×9 Reaction

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  1. Just so you guys know, the writers of this show said they wrote the scenes between Vi and Caitlyn as romantic. And for me it worked because their interaction in the brothel made is very clear that there was an attraction there and all their scenes after that only ever supported that reading. Like, they literally had a sad “break-up” scene where Caitlyn asked: “What about us?” (it wasn’t really a break up because they aren’t a couple here but it is romantically still charged) So I think going into season 2 with understanding this will enhance the watching experience because otherwise you guys would be asking yourself if a plot point the writers established is true, when the show itself probably will assume you already know. I don’t know if they will become a couple, even LOL hasn’t explicitly stated if they are, but at least they have some sort of romantic feelings for each other.

    1. Eric definitely sees it, I think Aaron is trying to play it coy around it, and because it’s so blatantly obvious that Vi and Cait are into each other, instead Aaron comes off as going “oh I dunno” in the face of it lol.

      1. No, idk if he’s playing coy. I had the same, “oh I’m not sure if that’s what was actually intended” feeling, initially. It wasn’t until a rewatch that I fully realized all the signs. He’ll come around!

  2. I think my favorite of those circle back moments was: When Jayce bought the stuff from the shop in episode 1 Ekko mocked how he didn’t even haggle, and at the end Silco says the same thing about him we negotiating peace.

  3. Vi and Caitlyn are absolutely into each. But they’re not “together” at this point. Caitlyn thinking about Vi in the shower is pretty on the nose. The cheek caresses. I mean really.

    And the writers on twitter are pretty clear about what they think of Vi and Cait.

  4. I don’t understand why so many people get hung up over the visuals of Mel’s clothes in the last scene.

    At no point in the entire season have we been shown or told that her clothes have any particular significance besides being fancy clothes.

    In a show with writing this immaculate, it would be completely out of place for her to suddenly have some kind of shield that we never knew about.

    I just took it as a visual indicator done by the animators to show who was closest to the window when the rocket hit.

    1. The significance of Mel’s outfit is that not all of it is clothing and accessories.

      The gold specifically is something she wears even nude (you see that when she wakes up in bed). This begs the question of why she doesn’t take it off. Maybe, she can’t take it off. But if so, why?

      Whether or not it will show some kind of (magical) reaction to the rocket impact (which I think it will), it is implied that the gold around her shoulders and neck is significant and that one should have questions about it at this point.

    2. Also, there are lots of Solari (if you know league lore) symbols in her outfits. Targon, and the Solari people, use a lot of magic. But the other commenter had much better ways the show points out enough evidence (for people who don’t know the lore) of something mysterious going on with this golden “clothing.”

    3. It’s because I believe in statements form the creators it’s referred to as armor and in the game it looks like Ionian armor and they have magical armor that can freeze the user in time taking no damage.

    4. I mean..1/4 of Arcane is “show, dont tell” …for example when Jinx was being saved by the doctor…all we had were visuals how in her mind she sees Caitlyn as a threat to hers and Vi’s relationship and that Vi will replace Jinx with Cait…and Cait clearly enjoys it…no dialogue needed….so at the end showing golden plates under Mel’s clothes sure can be just visual effect even tho I dont know what it would mean….it more likely hints something special that Mel has on her body

      Could be wrong but thats why the writers did it to leave us hanging and speculate if someone will survive or not 😛

  5. I cant believe they wer sad for Silco wtf lol He was a monster who murders people and he kidnapped Jynx basically when she was a young child hes a terrible person bad guy lmao

  6. The moment with Silco sitting with Vander’s statue was so amazing. He essentially became him, choosing to protect his daughter instead of achieving his dream. Incredible writing.

  7. Such an amazing season ending and it pretty much ended on open end…the only character that really somewhat ended is Jinx because well she fully became Jinx and of course Silco :'(
    And yes Season 2 was already confirmed as soon as act 3 was released and Fortiche from what the team leader said they started working on it as soon as they finished S1….altough they said that it wont be in 2022…so maybe 2023? lets hope? 😀 We are all Eric here just sitting and being mad for the show ending like that

    On the side note yes, for many years Caitlyn and Vi romantic relationship has been teased in the game by Riot but also in more lore related stuff and even fans want it, never officialy confirmed but I mean….they tease it so hard they gotta confirm it one day 😀 Maybe season 2? They have certain flirting and joking quotes on each other in the game which could be just fun teasing but cmon now….in the show it clearly has room for more.

  8. at 38:40 you mentioned not understanding victor’s line (“In the pursuit of greatness, we failed to do good”). My interpretation of it was that they were so focused on the big picture and all these big things they were going to accomplish, these great advances in technology that would someday lead to great things, they completely failed to focus on the smaller things they could do there and then to help the people around them. It’s like planning the biggest banquet in existence to feed an entire city, but while you’re focusing on preparing this great banquet that’s going to feed and save a lot of people, people who could have survived on a few pieces of bread are starving to death.