Assassination Classroom 1×12 Reaction

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  1. I know it’s Japan and things might be different, but having that superior attitude in a team sport once they leave the school, would likely be a somewhat serious problem down the line. As they’re likely to alienate themselves from the team and other players

    Sugino was a former teammate, can you imagine if someone treated a former teammate like that after they were sent/traded/moved to another team, or were forced out of the sport. Good sportsmanship and respect for other players is important. If you walk around acting like a chosen one you’re going to make a lot of enemies pretty quickly, especially in a professional setting where they’ll just get rid of you for someone who’s just as good and doesn’t have the same sense of superiority

  2. I don’t understand why Eric arbitrarily decided that the principal’s entire philosophy is wrong, I’m obviously not saying it’s right but it makes a certain amount of sense. Comparing it to “let’s sacrifice a person so the volcano might or might not erupt” does it a disservice imo.