Assassination Classroom 1×13 Reaction

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  1. Maybe they should print out a class roster with names so they’re aware of all the students in the class? Kinda like the character sheet that they had for Fate/Zero?

  2. What an episode to miss, geez Eric. I think the Nagisa moment deserves a separate reaction from him, it’s a pretty important turning point in the show imo

  3. While I generally prefer subs, I don’t like to participate in the whole subs vs dubs debate. But one thing that always irks me is the difference in tone between the two. Which in this case I don’t think is a Japanese vs English translation thing. But to me Nagisa is supposed to be much calmer and colder in his assassination of Takaoka. Very professional in his explanation of it. But in the Dub he sounds a bit more like he’s having fun with it and playing jokes. Which in itself shows how natural it was and conveys the message, but the tone is different. Same with Kurasama in the following scene, in the Subs he was outright shocked and unnerved by what he saw. Here he still seems as cold and professional, funnily enough like I was expecting Nagisa to act throughout the scene.