Assassination Classroom 1×5 Reaction

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  1. The idea of grouping students on perceived ability as motivation is actually frighteningly more common than you’d think, this show just exaggerates it to demonstrate the absurdity of it. In the United States we call it Advanced Placement, in many European countries your performance is divided into ranks, these are all ways of separating the “smart” from the “dumb”. The worst part is plenty of studies have shown that separating students by performance is actually worse for both the over and under performers. Students who are labeled as being the “smart” ones go through life expecting things to come easily to them, and often quit when confronted with real challenges as they assume it’s simply out of their reach. Meanwhile students who aren’t apart of the in-group can often be apart of a self-fulfilling prophecy, if AP classes are the difficult classes it’s implied non-AP classes must be easy, and since there are usually no real differences between AP and non-AP classes, students in the non-AP classes feel like under-performance is confirmation of their lack of intelligence.

    1. In case anyone’s interested in this concept, I highly recommend a book called Mindset by Dr Carol S. Dweck, I read it as a part of a project for one of my teaching courses and is a really great book about the impact mindsets can have on how a person perceives themself and the world. The book only lightly touches on the impact the school system can have on a student’s mindset, if anyone’s interested in something more specifically about teaching there are plenty of research journals on the nature of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, aswell as equity in the classroom.

  2. The liquid form is definitely a reference to the Dragon Quest series’ liquid metal slime. They are super fast enemies who have a 33% chance of fleeing every turn, but if you kill them you get an immense amount of experience, sometimes getting multiple levels in a single fight