Assassination Classroom 1×8 Reaction

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  1. The final talking point of the video is one of the main reasons this story was never great to me. There were so many emotions and implications to be explored that just… weren’t. At least not to the very end, admittedly I never finished the manga so I don’t know how that goes, but even then it feels like something that should have been delved in for most of the series run, not just at the end.

  2. @Randy I totally agree. I enjoyed the initial premise of the show but honestly it goes no where with it, till like the end. Most of the episodes are just fairly generic and formulaic with some really god awful writing. I’m not hating on anyone who enjoys it and I’m glad those that do get to see their reactions but for me personally this is just one of those shows where I will be counting down the weeks till their finished and hope for a better replacement

  3. Chris and Randy, I respect your opinion of course

    For me this is probably my favourite short term shonen

    Like Death Note, Claymore, Chainsaw man P1

    I think this is my favourite because it’s fun and made me feel more

  4. My grandma used to make jellied broth on special occasions, with an egg and chicken or something in there (a Ukranian thing, I suppose). I hated it as a kid but then it def grew on me.