Assassination Classroom 2×7 Reaction

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  1. Lmao dude are you serious. This is weird how much youre obsessed with the fact that someone doesnt take a childrens show as seriously as you do. Not everyone has to like everything that you like.

  2. Come on man, you’ve been spamming this for the past 8 episodes; give it a rest will ya. Like you’re not gonna change anyone’s mind + you’re just being an asshole for no reason.
    Also you’re reducing Eric’s point. He didn’t say “Oh yeah the villans are dumb and stupid”. He said that their motivations and lenghts that they go to are dumb. Which considering Takaoka hired 3 proffesional assassins to kill a bunch of 12 year olds, because they stood up to him, when he was abusive to them… yeah it’s kinda dumb (although I would personally use over the top or cartoony).
    Just stop being a dick and realise not every opinion has to match up with yours :/