Attack on Titan 1×1 Reaction

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  1. They really do ruin the feel of the show with the dub. Many characters, including Eren, sound either whiny or over the top in some way. Plus there’s some spoiler stuff later on that the dub really does crap all over. Please, please switch to the sub. You won’t regret it.

  2. Guys they’ve already explained countless times, they prefer watching dubs as it allows them to discuss the video while simultaneously not miss anything because they couldn’t read it in time. yeah i think the sub is better for AoT, but just let them do their thing.

  3. Honestly just get over it and watch sub. Having a show be way worse and ruining the characters isnt worth just for yall feel like you can react easier. It seems like a very uneven trade off.

  4. It works! Finally I have successfully cleared all the trials set on the waves of the blind. I was stuck at the door of no entry, tried to retrieve the password but it remained elusive ah but the Gods granted me the words of power to bypass and create anew. And then, the cookies, the cookies foolish for I, am a devourer of cookies – they didn’t last long. And finally beyond the door – the gate – I see… I see…naked men – giant naked men? Lol. Great reactions guys – I unfortunately laughed when they showed that lady a freakin’ arm of her son in front all those people. Like take her somewhere private But that break down of the captain guy was tough – especially after seeing them destroy the whole city. I guess he was already dead inside when she came rushing up on them.

  5. I wish people would shut up talking about the sub version, they aren’t going to watch it and you new this when you voted for the show. So now deal with it for the next three seasons

  6. quit crying about the dubs. If they dont use the official subs the rest are awful. calling them giants instead of titans and even getting names wrong. Is that what you wanna go through?