Attack on Titan 1×11 Reaction

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      1. There are a few areas where I can appreciate the English script, (i.e. “because I was born to this world,” being changed to “because it’s my birthright.”) however, there are clear and nearly world-breaking translations such as S2E6 where a character name drops another without possibly being able to know the information that they tie the other to, while just a slight misunderstanding on the scriptwriter’s part about what is happening in the world he’s writing for… it really breaks all immersion in that episode and it’s one of the most important and tense moments ruined by poor scripting. That’s the most severe case, but there’s plenty of others sprinkled all around the series in English.

      2. I agree. As a manga guy, I think that Eren’s character in both sub and dub doesn’t represent all the character traits that are visible in the manga. Such as some funny moments, moments where he is completely humanised and shows fear. And later on complete helplessness and disregard to human life.

        I think that the anime only makes him appear as an angry vengeful kid, which is only a portion of what he is.

  1. Stop Complaining Blind Wave likes to use Dubs and will alwats do dubs and its tiresome every time this needs explained to people. Just except it or not that they prefer dubs and quit asking the same questions for every anime over and over.