Attack on Titan 1×2 Reaction

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      1. Calm down please. I’m merely making a suggestion, one that many agree with. The dub is bad and I want them to really enjoy the show, which in my opinion is best done with the sub.

        1. I prefer the dub.. I don’t know what problem you have with dub voice actors but I think there fine.. I’m dyslexic too, so the dub makes it very easy for me to watch and enjoy anime.. so I support dub anime so other dyslexic people like me can also enjoy anime

        2. they will enjoy the dub because that is the first thing they watched, you always prefer the first version you watch. unless your like a weeb or something that only likes sub. they speak english so they want to watch in english.

          1. “you always prefer the first version you watch” That’s not how that works. For instance, I watched FMAB in japanese originally (since the english dub didn’t exist yet), but I prefer the english one. Same with Death Note.

  1. Yeah the dub is horrible, you cat feel 5% of the emotion that comes across int the Japanese dub. Damn shame if you continue like this.
    Please switch over , I dont know how many more episodes I can stand watching of this low effort english dub.

    1. That 5% emotions is more subjective and so far I felt plenty of emotions from the people who speak our language. Btw if the the dub was bad they would have changed actors for season 2, and low effort my ass

  2. Omg shut up about the sub. It’s not happening. Do you want to push them away from continuing the series? You wanted attack on titan, you got it. It’s so annoying seeing these sub v dub comments. Get over it.

  3. Hello Blind Wave, when one of you gets the chance could you try watching 5 minutes or so in the Sub to see where the viewers are coming from? I’d recommend re-watching the ending of episode one or two because each contains important dialogue/monologue, which’ll help determine if your reaction is affected by reading subtitles. With season 3 coming out in July, I’m sure your reactions to AoT will become very popular. Many people have already posted comments about Sub vs. Dub, and I’m sure more will come, so I think it’ll be worthwhile to look into their claims sooner rather than later. Thank You.

  4. I really don’t understand why people keep commenting that the dub is bad. It isn’t. It’s a really good dub. Is it as good as the j-dub? No, I don’t think so. I’m not a fan of Bryce Papenbrook and Mikasa is a difficult character to translate to English (Trina Nishimura does do a good job though). But the acting is fine, the emotion is still there. Just because the sub is (arguably) better doesn’t mean the dub is bad.

    The crew have made it clear why they prefer using dubs and saying that they’re wrong or the reaction is unwatchable is just ridiculous. Dubs aren’t meant to be perfect recreations of the Japanese version because that’s not possible. The English voices work with the tone and emotion of the show. If you weren’t comparing it to the Japanese version you wouldn’t even notice there’s anything “wrong” with the dub. Bad dubs do exist. This isn’t one of them.

    You can dislike dubs or subs all you want. But the second you start hating on someone for watching the “wrong” version of a show we have a problem.

    Someone who loves both subs and dubs equally.

    1. Dealing with the Sub/Dub on a case by case basis is what’s important. As long as Blind Wave evaluates the Sub for AoT themselves, most people will be at peace. Any comments about Sub/Dub after this decision would have less merit. If Blind Wave finds watching the Dub is preferable after comparing it to the Sub, even after only several minutes of comparison, I’d respect their judgement. Either way I’ve enjoyed the reactions thus far and I’m excited to see more.

      1. Strongly disagree. For a reaction format dub is better for all parties involved. It’s easier to react to, easier to understand, easier to edit and easier for the audience to watch (especially for a high action series like AoT). That’s why Blind Wave use dubs and it’s a pretty valid argument. If they rewatch and decide they prefer the sub they’d probably still use the dub because it’s better for the format. So a comparison video is a bit of a pointless exercise.

        If they only want to watch dubs because they want to then that’s their choice and no one should tell them otherwise. Likewise if you or I choose to only watch subs no one should tell us otherwise. So long as we are able to enjoy the show it doesn’t matter which version we watch.

        1. I respect whatever they do. It is their choice

          However, the argument that doing sub makes for a bad reaction is patently false. Eric already proved that with his 2 Dragon Ball Super reactions. On top of that, every other reaction channel that has done or is doing Attack On Titan, including the Normies, has done it subbed. Was every other channel’s reactions bad? Did they really suffer in a crippling way?

          Of course they didn’t. Every other channel did fine.

          Are we trying to say that Blind Wave are somehow dumber than everyone else since they claim they can’t handle it?

          I get that shane seems to hate Japanese to a strangely high degree and Aaron can’t read, but im not sure that those things are really positives like they try to bill them as.

          Most of the time I prefer the dub anyway, but the subbed version of Attack On Titan is a masterpiece. This english dub is a literal disgrace in comparison.

          It does not matter if i don’t speak Japanese. I have spent 5 years in college studying film. I have watched dozens of Foreign films with subtitles. I still am expected to write papers about them. Everyone is capable of judging a performance, even if it is in another language. If you believe you can’t do that, then you are really limiting yourself from some great entertainment options.

          I can tell you that at the college level, if you tried to ask the teacher to put on a dubbed version because you can’t read or it is to hard for your american ears, you would get kicked out.

          I know this is not college, but none of their arguments hold water at all except for preference. Preference is fine. I accept that.

          But every other argument outside of preference comes down to im xenophobic or im too stupid to do it.

          Im just gonna stick to their other shows at this point.

          1. So that’s a long walk to say “I’m not watching this because the dub is garbage”.

            The argument beyond preference is quality of reaction. If Shane is irritated by the language, Aaron struggling to read dialogue, etc, it diminishes the finished product. I would much rather they enjoy reacting to find discussing the series than that or nothing at all. Eric reacting to 2 episodes of Super by himself is a great deal easier than this and the series is much more straightforward in its presentation. It makes for a smoother reaction.

            If votes for AoT were made on the assumption it would be the Sub, they’re either ill informed or dreaming. Peace.

  5. So firstly, if they want to watch it in dub then its their choice, secondly emphasizing that we all want sub is a lie, you don’t speak for all of us. I personally, am pleased with whichever.

  6. Biggest mystery and my concern is where is calvin and eric. I mean Calvin knew about Avatar and he still watched it. If some of the guys dont like a show. I think they should just not put it on the Poll. Thats if Eric and Calvin seen it and dont like it. Then again Calvin is on his trip. the whole sub and dub thing is a silly debate cause its been said hundreds of times about there feeling on sub vs dubs. My concern is I love the guys best when they do full Blind Wave crew reactions and thats when there at there best

  7. the whiners are right tho, a lot of dubs are good but this one? ugh just plain horrible. anyway, my real beef is still why is eric not joining this reaction series?! i know calvin watched s1 already so that’s understandable but c’mon where in seven hells is eric.