Attack on Titan 1×7 Reaction

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  1. Absolutely love this show so glad my favorite react crew is reacting to my favorite anime!! It is so amazing the emotion the action is all so unique and feels like something new that has never been done it is cinamatic it is movie quailty animation and writing. If you all ever get a chance to watch the same episode in Japanese on y’all’s down time the titen roar sounds different the voice acting is so good in both English and Japanese. Thanks again !!

  2. Is there anyway we can get the discussion with the early access? It’s really strange to see the reaction, and then have to wait a week to hear their discussion on that episode. Every other early access series we get both the reaction and discussion, so it makes sense we should be able to get access to both hear as well.

  3. Waiting for the eighth episode 🙂
    Will they recover the key that Eren always had with him? Isn’t it relevant at all?
    How will they learn more and more about titans? Why is THIS titan acting that way? Are there more titans like this one?