Attack on Titan 2×6 Reaction

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  1. Watching Attack on Titan more than once is rewarding as you pick up details missed on your first viewing. That being said they seemed to miss some important hints in this episode.

    Hange’s squad was on a mission to locate Historia and ascertain the damage to the Wall. However on the way to their objective, they discussed Reiner and Bertholdt hailing from the same village as Annie. Armin provided concerning evidence that they may be allies of Annie. Their mission then changed, if they encountered Reiner and Bertholdt, they would need to lure them to a location and contain them.

    After rescuing everyone from the titans and discovering Ymir to also be a Titan, they proceed with the mission to lure Reiner and Bertholdt to an underground location. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Hange, and Sasha and the rest of Hange’s squad know of this but Connie, Historia, etc do not.

    Once on the wall the scouts are eager to get Reiner and Bertholdt underground and they continue their mission, however Reiner pulls Eren aside and begins talking. Upon realizing that Ymir is a Titan Sasha begins to say something along the lines of “are they working together”, they being Reiner, Bertholdt, and Ymir. However Mikasa hushes Sasha in case Reiner or Bertholdt hear her.

    As the squad begins to walk away, Reiner reveals his identity to Eren, Mikasa is looking back with a death stare, unlikely that she heard what Reiner said but more so concerned that Reiner and Bertholdt are speaking with Eren privately.

    After Eren rejects Reiner’s idea and chalks it up to his nerves being shot he begins to walk away. Notice that everyone here is tense. As Eren walks away a flagpole breaks and startled everyone with the noise it makes on the way down the wall. Showing that everyone is very much on edge, Mikasa’s hand quivering on her blades as she is ready to draw them at a moments notice.

    Reiner then reveals his abilities and the scouts burst into action.

    You guys also missed the part in episode 2 of this season where the Titan in Connie’s village says “welcome home” in an unsettling manner.