Attack on Titan 4×1 Reaction

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        1. Do you not have a concept of preference? Also your first comment is just factually incorrect. This is the final season of Attack on Titan, and it is every bit as a part of the show as any other season. You can not like it for whatever reason, but if you resort to hyperbole like that, as I assume you have, you are bound to draw corrections. Let’s try to let the guys form their own opinions on the matter and not spoil them with outside stuff like this.

          1. If you’re honestly going to try tell me someone saying the shit MAPPA put out is “10x better than WIT” is an okay “preference” then you’re just as stupid as that guy.

        2. You gotta be the dumbest, most butthurt dude I’ve ever seen in my life. Almost everyone other than butthurt fanboys like you, agrees that Mappa is doing an absolutely phenomenal job. Because they clearly are. But I guess since it’s not the same as WIT, it’s automatically somehow terrible to you?

          Keep your negativity and hate to yourself, stop trying to ruin the experience for other people by complaining about everything constantly.

      1. Let’s calm down here. I like Mappa as well, but let’s not be dumb and give in to the hype. Mappa is not going to overthrow WIT any time soon. I will say that Mappa has the potential to be runner up in that discussion because of the events of season 4. No spoilers, I’m just saying that the events of S4 are definitely higher scale than the events of S3. Mappa has their work cut out for them, but I am rooting for them to see what they will do. We have high hopes!

      2. That’s a huge Mappa fanboy right there. I really appreciate Mappa’s production but to say it’s 10x better than Wit is stupid, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. Wit did an excellent job in all of the previous season and I very much prefer their choise for the art style, even though it’s more distant from the original manga style. Wit’s design feels more unique and well done like a movie instead of Mappa’s who just look like a normal seasonal anime.

    1. Oh look, a raging anime child throwing a tantrum over next to nothing. It must be a time of day. Go take your nap and tell your parents to revoke your internet privileges won’t you?

    2. Holy shit you’ve gotta be the most butthurt guy ever @pebrock
      first of all that bullshit about s3 ending is just wrong and bs
      secondly do u know the word called opinion ? if a dude thinks wit is better or mappa is better its their opinion.
      and just so you know the manga hasn’t ended this isn’t some non-canon shit its from the manga. If you don’t like mappa then stop watching THE FUCKING SHOW. “aTtAck oN tiTan eNdeD lAst SeaSon tHis iS sOmE bUllShit mApPa maDe”

    1. Jesus, you’re literally having a tantrum. Trowing insults at everything just because opinions exist. Some people like it, some don’t. Who cares. Any preference is fine, get your head out of your ass.