Attack on Titan 4×16 Reaction

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  1. Can we take a minute to appreciate how good Pieck looked in the scout uniform? Imagine if she was brought up in Paradis instead of Marley. LOL …also *tears*

  2. I think as soon as Zik shouted before he exploded there was in the area someone who drank the wine and has the ability to change and he changed because he heard Zik’s scream and he came to his aid like in cases we saw before and saved him from death like Annie shouted and then all the titans came to her aid and I believe they Did not kill Levi off-screen because it would ruin their entire show completely because he is a central and beloved character that if he dies like this no one will want to continue watching the series as happened to Game of Thrones

  3. To make this clear, if Levi had the spinal fluid then when Zeke shouted to turn the dudes into titans he would have theoretically changed Levi too. But he didn’t. That’s the same titan that carried Zeke when he was trying to get away. Eric you’re right, don’t listen to Aaron, he’s crazy lol

  4. That Titan was 100% Levi. They were traveling so no one else could have been around them. The titan had steam coming off him so he was recently transformed. After the explosion we never saw Levi again. So unless there was a random person, that happened to be injected with zekes spinal fluid and Zeke knew they were nearby the Titan is Levi 100%

    1. There’s literally 0% chance for it to be Levi. Not only did it look nothing like him, he was just as close as the others when Zeke screamed earlier, and never felt a think. He didn’t drink any wine either.

      1. That’s not a good argument. Grisha’s titan looked nothing like him and neither did Ymir’s or Eren’s at the time. So just because the titan didn’t look like Levi doesn’t mean it can’t be him, js. But I’m pretty sure the guy who commented this is basically joking.

    2. The reason why the titan had steam coming off of it was because it was the titan that Zeke tore the head off to throw at Levi. So the titan regenerated since it’s nape wasn’t destroyed.