Attack on Titan 4×2 Reaction

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  1. Ah here it is, I was beginning to get concerned after seeing this on your Monday schedule and thinking we’d have to wait another week for some reason, glad to see it up ?

  2. Soooo they forgot that Kenny is dead and that Zeke does have royal blood which is why he can use the Beast Titan’s full potential and he’s aware of his royal heritage. And I just realized that the dude that was on the roof at night (that quick cut scene) was the dude the people were surrounding while Reiner was talking to Gabi. The man fully killed himself. Geez that was dark as hell

  3. I really interpreted that line of reiner saying his time on paradis was true hell because he realized that none of eldians were true devils and he was enjoying his time there but it was still hell for him becauss it was completly contradictory to everything he was taught and he knew he would still have to betray them.

  4. the longest discussions always come from misinterpretations, i wonder why they saw that scene where Reiner talks about his time in paradis so differently. I wonder if they’ll get that explained or nah. They’re 4 seasons in and they barely learned his last name too lol

  5. Reiner is conflicted with himself the brainwashed side of himself is battling it out with the side of himself that actually knows the truth. That scene with him talking about the Island is him trying to in some way justify his actions by grasping at straws. He’s lying to himself and even Gabi noticed it in the next scene. Also he said what he did to falco to remind him he has to be very careful of what he says and who he says it around.

  6. wow Reiners story just went right over there heads. I got a feeling that given how much info and lore is about to be dropped on them, this will be a pretty cringey reaction.