Attack on Titan 4×20 Reaction

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  1. Can’t wait for next week. Editor should put the full opening at the end of next episode. It fits perfectly and will hit them really hard. xD

    1. No the hell it’s not. The scene is inherently powerful in itself. That’s not just going to magically change just because it’s in a language that you have a bias for.

      1. in fairness, grisha’s breakdown in the sub is phenomenal voice acting, whatever language its in. If you prefer subs or dubs idc, but sometimes a performance is objectively amazing.

      2. While i agree the scene is hard hitting by itself, voice acting can absolutely boost a scene and that’s what the Japanese voice acting did. This is not a slight against the dub at all, as it was also very good, but the original was next level. Award winning type voice acting.

      3. how the heck not? stop it you’re trippin lol, voice acting can absolutely boost a scene and that’s what the japanese voice acting did.

  2. First time commenting!
    For that scene with Grisha looking at Eren, you will not find it in the anime.
    However if you go to the first chapter in the manga you will find it. The anime changed it because they thought it was not important.

  3. If you guys didn’t notice, She agreed with Grisha but right before she could say anything, The Vow To Renounce War took over and her response became robotic.