Attack on Titan 4×22 Reaction

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  1. They finally have the right opening after the terrible workings of a failed editor fucked with their videos. Hopefully they finally fired him.

      1. Wtf do you mean “spoiled”? They, the creators, made the opening how they intended and a idiot editor thought his vision was correct. There’s no defending that or spinning it on me.

        1. you must not watch blind wave often because they do this very frequently with many anime lmao who cares if you don’t agree because they definitely do not care

    1. Dude… Sometimes openings (especially) anime openings hint or give away things to come and the crew wants to avoid that. Why are you this way pebrock? All comments I see from you are complaints.

    2. WTF are you on about dude. Sure the creators made the opening and its good, but it is so blatantly full of spoilers. Blind Wave has always gone through their reactions with as much caution to limit spoilers. Dragon Ball Super always spoiled the episode through the titles so they would blur or change them. Don’t try and claim the creators vision is ruined when they literally show us way too much through the visuals

  2. So Erin is basically the ultimate white nationalist. He wants to destroy every other race & culture on the planet….Shame on all those that were team Erin…

    1. No, he’s the ultimate nationalist. Being white has nothing to do with it. It’s not even about race, it’s about the people of his nation, aka paradis. The island.

  3. Oh crap I just realized what was said at 1:50…
    If Eren’s power of the subjects of ymir is absolute… if we flashback to Kenny’s backstory, the “Ackermans” were one of the few races/bloodlines that were IMMUNE to the founder’s influence, that’s why that king couldn’t just command Kenny at the time and ended up talking to him.

    This is slightly worrying me about Mikasa… With them making such a focus on Levi being injured, and he’s only an Ackerman, while Mikasa’s an ackerman AND azumabito, she’s double vaccinated against Eren’s command… and if she’s gonna be the only one in the world that has the ability to resist the founder’s command to stop eren… which is literally the contradiction of her entire life of “I have to protect eren” to “I have to kill eren.”

  4. i think the whole crew missed that ymir and her villagers had all their tongues cut out so she cant talk even if she wanted to lol. sorry arron unless we get to hear her thoughts u cant hear anything from her