Attack on Titan 4×27 Reaction

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  1. I love that scene with Floch, he aint back down and went out fighting for what he believes even tho completely outgunned at that point, there’s only like 9 manga chapters to adapt left so I wonder if S3 will have anime original ending

  2. still hard to see the commonplace…like Keith made soldiers of 18 year old which is young but not as young as what marley did…Keith did it because they needed it to defend against titans…marley did it to build weapons to conquer and destroy. Also ya’ll should better understand that the yeagerist operate from that standpoint, [the world wants them dead] that’s not a concept, that’s a reality. You can’t call them villainous for wanting to take out the enemy who wants them dead.

  3. marly is worse with the whole turning kids into worries people in marly get randomly send out of shits as titans and used as suicide bombers without any choice but in paradise you can sign up by choice at any age above 12 (its a low minimum age but atleast it isnt a you have to join at age 12)

  4. Im so glad the crew isn’t supporting genocide btw! You can say it’s normal thing to do but hey, a loooot for people try to justify it one way or another…
    Im just like Eric when it comes to Floch, I hate him but still thinks he’s badass.

  5. This fight was such BS to me, the fact that not a single non-shifter got hurt is so stupid. They literally had shots where Connie and Hange, wielding swords, were surrounded by people with guns and not a single person shot them… all the missed shots on the engineers, Jean just sitting on a roof with a rifle, the boat being the biggest damn target, but not a single thunder spear could get to it. Mikasa was the only one that made sense not to get hurt, but her coming out unscathed is still beyond ridiculous.