Attack on Titan 4×6 Reaction

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    1. MAPPA picked up an anime that HAD to be animated no ifs ands or but’s. Wit dropped out due to scheduling issues and being tired of the overwork that was demanded of them. The production company wanted this anime out on a very tight schedule without wriggle room.
      So if you are upset that MAPPA had to cut time by outsourcing the Titan animations to a different studio to be animated via CGI. Then be angry at the producers, not MAPPA, for giving them such a small window for the show to air.
      If you want to know why, just look at Game of Thrones. It’s the exact same scenario albeit with a few differences. AoT is approaching its finale (manga has approximately 2 or so chapters remaining), and the show is quite nearly caught up to the source material. Sound familiar? If they wait till the manga is finished to push out the anime, they risk audiences losing interest. Not everyone likes to read or watch the same story twice.
      So please stop hating on MAPPA, they truly don’t deserve any ridicule or negative criticism. It’s unfortunate that they had to resort to cg titan fights, but they actually had no choice given the circumstances.

    2. Terrible CGI???????LOL!!!!! Go watch Ex-Arm, or the Goblin Army episode of Overlord, you have no right to call this terrible, especially because it is only on a few scenes and when they do appear it is actually very good!

  1. my first watch of the episode i thought the cgi was horrible but now honestly given the amazing music , awesome fight/dramatic reveals. its easy to deal with

  2. If people think the CGI is so bad, go back to previous seasons and look at the colossal titan CGI. You’ll realise that this looks amazing in comparison.

  3. In the previous seasons the CGI for the Colossal was very noticeable, but this season I haven’t even noticed the CGI so I think MAPPA is doing great so far!

  4. Gotta admit, i don’t like the Warhammer Titan’s design. It looks like someone took a JJBA Stand design and tried to make it work in AoT and it just doesn’t for me. That being said this episode and what’s been dubbed of season 4 so far altogether has been fantastic, and a titan design i don’t like is nothing if the rest of the season is this damn good.

  5. The comment about how Marley basically helped train the Paradis people to be the greatest warriors makes me think of the Fremen in Dune, forced to live in the most extreme and deadly environment of course the people that survive are going to be insanely tough and almost fearless.

    Also, love the reactions, so much fun to watch you guys get so hyped.