Attack on Titan 4×8 Reaction

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        1. It was an One Punch Man OVA. They didn’t really enjoy the experience. Don’t know why the dude was hidind it like it is some state secret lol

          1. Thank you. Wow, that’s anti-climatic. Dude made it sound like some real shit went down.

    1. Multiple times now, the dub has been more accurate to the anime than the subs. They’re getting more context than they would with subs.

      That, and every other group and person on YouTube has been bullied into doing subs, so go watch them.

    2. People need to understand that they KNOW. It is NOT the case that they think the sub is inferior. They KNOW. But they are aware that during a reaction, they will talk, they will write things down, and most of all they need to be more EXPRESSIVE. And they just can’t do that as well if they are focusing on reading subtitles. Hearing a story in your own language really adds to the overall immersion and experience.

  1. No Eric. Gabi is not exactly like Eren. People make this comparison but it’s so absolutely wrong that I don’t know how people haven’t stopped to consider their differences.

    1. I had this argument with a friend who keeps insisting they’re alike. The only place they intersect is wanting to rid of their enemies. Eren never wholesale wanted to kill Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie, etc. He was deeply crushed because they were his friends. Meanwhile, Gabi hears “Paradis Eldian” and it doesn’t matter how nice they’ve been, speaking to this point. Eren would’ve at least asked why Sasha spared him, but his enemies never spared children. So while we have no examples of that, we have examples of him demanding to know why those three did those things, that they were friends to him and his, and he doesn’t understand, etc. Granted, Eren’s a different person now, but that makes him even more different from her. He’s indeed closer to Reiner.

      I’m pretty sure, at this point in the story, if Gabi had to shoot an ally to kill ten “devils”, she would see it absolutely warranted (though I’m sure she’d try to figure another way first, to be fair to her). Of course, she’s a victim of brainwashing, but it makes no difference when she’s firing a gun.

      1. What are you talking about? Eren absolutely wanted to kill Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie. He was going to eat Annie when he won their fight in season one, no hesitation. He wanted to kill Reiner and Bertoldt but simply wasnt able to, thats the only time he actually stopped to ask questions cause he had no other choice.

  2. Swear Sub people are the worst, people like what they like. I’ve tried subs before on multiple shows it was an unfruitful experience, I keep trying to find one that I like better; only one or two I would referrer subs. If there’s a reactor that enjoys subs I do not leave a million comment annoying the fuck out of people, I move on with my life and let him/everyone enjoy their experience.