Batman: Bad Blood Movie Reaction

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  1. Nightwing can definitely take batman wish the fight was more even. Also did rick actually make a hajime no ippo reference with the dempsey roll!

    1. People claim that but I’ve never seen anything to suggest that even when Batman is normal, much less murder bat. That said it definitely felt too one sided, like if normal Batman is a 9 Nightwing should be a 7 not what feels like a 5.

    2. Actually in the comics its been shown many times that if batman truly wants to, he can beat any member of the batfamily pretty one sided, sometimes multiple at once. batman is the best martial artist on the planet, peak human condition meaning hes got the acrobatics of dick but the raw strength of jason, and hes taught most of the family everything they know and knows their weaknesses

  2. I really enjoy this movie simply because of how much they dared to have fun with it while still having some pretty heavy beats. Like the head exploding & Batman putting the gun to his own head? That’s rough. And the way it focuses on the fam, including actually utilizing Alfred (& his different morals). It’s far from a perfect movie, but it’s a lot of fun.

    I haven’t watched all of the animated universe movies, but out of the ones I’ve seen this one, War & Justice League Dark were definitely high points (for me) because of the way they balance darkness with humor.

  3. In the comics kate is bruces cousin, which is a huge change from when she was created, she was originally created as a love interest for bruce to stop the rumors and jokes at the time that batman and robin were gay, and now 60 years later, shes his lesbian cousin

  4. I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie, despite its darker tone its pretty hilarious. It introduced me to Kate and Luke. Not to mention, Nightwing’s putting on the cowl will always be awesome.

  5. FYI the voice of “Batwoman/Katherine Kane was Yvonne Strahovski, she was nominee for Behind the Voice Actors Awards, Best Female Vocal Performance in a TV Special/Direct-to-DVD Title or Short, 2017.
    She was agent Sarah Walker on Chuck, Hannah McKay Dexter 7,8 or voice and face model (no body!!!) Miranda Lawson Mass Effect 2,3 in Blind Wave reaction. And more TV Series snd Movie