Batman: The Animated Series 1×1 Reaction

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  1. Wow I didn’t think there was a single option that could’ve been chosen that would be disappointing to me but somehow I was wrong :/ hopefully this isn’t a long show

  2. … really disappointed, but it is ok, I didn’t expect JoJo to win anyways but this show… I rewatched this show as an adult, and it really drags down…
    I’ll keep waiting and voting for JoJo. 🙁

    1. I was hoping for something else as well. I wished they did double uploads so this could get finished with quickly. I would’ve been fine with the Justice League series.

    2. Even if JoJo won, they’d be watching the dub, which would be missing the fun of both engrish and the real names.

      As much as I appreciate Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price, “Deadly Queen” just does not have the same flair.

    1. This happens every poll and it’s annoying. “I’m not going to remain a patreon now.” “It’s too long of a show.” “My 1 specific show out of like 10 didn’t get picked.”

      They watch like 20 other shows, it’s not the end of the world that your show wasn’t picked. Get a life.

      1. Perhaps people are getting more annoyed at the “anime” polls being dominated by western animation shows as those who don’t like anime will obviously vote for these.

        I think it’s completely fair to find it vexing that we’re simply no longer getting anime from these supposed anime polls as more and more western animated shows make it into the lists, instead of competing with other western shows.

        1. Sure, and it’s not like you need to love every series they react to, but it’s a lot less reasonable to complain about it in the comments. What are you even doing the comments section of this show if you don’t care to watch it?

  3. Lol dude “Hop Off”, People have the right to be disappointed and you can EASILY watch Justice League without watching both Superman and Batman Animated series. I’m pretty sure plenty of people did. I honestly wouldn’t have a problem if they uploaded more often, but because of their upload schedule this is gonna be a slow journey that I am pretty sure, some wish they could speed through.

    1. They’re never going to upload more than one a week. IDK Why keep hounding them about it? When you are constantly hounded about something? It makes you want to do the exact opposite. And sure you can watch Justice League by its self. But like if you watch WandaVision before the Doctor Strange movie, you get more out of it.

      1. I already know they’re gonna milk every series they react to. I came to terms with that years ago with HxH. That’s why I don’t watch their videos weekly but in bulk. I’m not telling them to upload more, I’m saying this series wouldn’t have been a problem for me if they got it out the way faster. Then they could react to the other series quicker and free up slots.

  4. God this comment section is toxic, if you don’t like a show, don’t watch it? its not hard. get over yourself. If you’re going to stop being a patron then stop being a patron, you don’t need to announce it literally nobody cares

    Anyway I’M glad they’re doing this show, its great & while I love Justice League/Unlimited (one of my all time fave series) I will love watching this with them until they get to it, also it’s clear Eric & Rick love this show & it’ll be great to watch with people who love it too

  5. im right with you cryhwks, but we gotta remember this show won the poll which means these are just the minority crying. while the rest of us are happy and content! 🙂

    1. lmao yo cryhwks really out here riding for blindwave, but complaining about other people complaints isn’t going to make them stop. You might as well get used to it. There’s always gonna be fans upset at the stuff they decide to react to ….so Heiwa Tori and Snakeyikes, if someone wants to vent why they’re mad then just let them and move on if you think “nobody cares”