Batman: The Animated Series 1×6 Reaction

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  1. so not true. kevin conroy has always been out, its just folks in the mainstream didnt know cause he didnt bring it up in every interview. thats why dc went to him and asked him to write a story for pride

    In an interview with the New York Times in 2016, the actor was identified as gay when he spoke about playing the role of a producer battling AIDS in a Broadway production.Apr 14, 2022

  2. he term you are looking for aaron is cosmetic. “i wonder if clayface actually changes his molecular structure to metal or is it purely cosmetic like mystique” and that i dont know. he definitely becomes sharp as i’ve seen him cut things when he takes on properties of blades but i dont know beyond that, in either the comics or tv canon. since his powers come from cosmetics im just going to go with that