Batman: The Animated Series 1×8 Reaction

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  1. This show is my introduction to the batman franchise. This joker to me is the original joker, and harley quinn to me was no more than just a side kick to joker with her jester outfit. Crazy how she became more popular in recent years with her signature weapon and new outfit in suicide squad.

    1. sidekicks get their own shine all the time. all the robins. batgirl. supergirl. kid flash. etc etc. and she was popular waaaaaaaaaay before modern times hence why they put her in so much media to begin with when others have never left the page. she was so popular from the show they put her in the comics and eventually gave her an ongoing title in the early 2000s

  2. i personally dont hear a difference. this is the only joker voice i know from this show. if he changes it over the seasons its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too subtle for me to notice. depending on what he is saying and the mood he is in his cadence changes, so when he is more gleeful that is when you get the more charicature like voice and you see that here. you get to hear his voice being menacing and deep but also light and goofy and loud and boastful

  3. as someone who doesnt plan games: this is the only animated harley i know til they started doing the dc animated films with her in them like the suicide squad films. its super funny to me people think of tara strong when most dont play video games so its odd i hear that so often as if its the majority

  4. bullock is definitely a comics character, why would you think he isnt? they have purely detective/cop characters in comics like maggie sawyer and slam brady. and montoya was only with poison ivy in batwoman. in the comics whe was with maggie sawyer who used to date batwoman. she was also with batwoman as well. in the comics she becomes the costumed vigilante the question

    1. Because it is the majority? Tara strong voices her in almost all media after this show. Arleen sorkin voiced exclusively this iteration of the character.

  5. eh. regards to the episode order. It’s an anthology series, it can be watched in any particular order and be fine. however, considering y’all were insisting on clone wars be watched in chronological order because it makes the best experience the same can be applied to this show.

    batman and robin’s relationship makes more sense in chronological order rather than in release order.
    how the police respond to batman is changed.
    batman’s tech and abilities get more refined. etc. etc.

  6. Anyone remember the story Mark Hamill at a Star Wars Celebration about how he wanted to be more obscure Batman villains, not Joker b/c he knew people had preconceived notions of him (from the first movie, i imagine)?
    I still love the exchange he made of “I couldn’t pull off the Joker and please everyone, because everyone has an idea of how the Joker should sound.” to which James Arnold Taylor said, “And now, that idea is you!” ^_^