Ben 10 1×1 Reaction

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Comment (13)

  1. Classic series, so glad this one won the poll!

    The theme is still a bop and it keeps getting good with more lore and aliens, man I love this. Looks like I have another weekly thing to look forward to now ^-^

  2. this show is awesome. gotta say tho in order to enjoy this universe you kinda have to keep going with the other ben10 shows. for now i’m absolutely hyped

  3. dont know what rick could be talking about. could be a random other show or a specific episode and he thinks the whole show is like that. but jackie chan adventures (at least the first main story arc that was season one) is about the 12 chinese zodiac animals, each with their own power and team jackie has to go around the world collecting them. he isnt trapped as a monkey boy but there is a dragon demon lord as the villain! pretty cool show that will now be my top pick since we got ben 10 already