Ben 10 1×11 Reaction

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Comment (14)

  1. This show wanted so desperately to be a mature comic book – type series from the very beginning. I’m glad they got there eventually, but it’s gonna take a whiiiiiiillllllleeeee.

  2. this is one of those episodes that i dont rewatch. maybe have seen it twice but probably only once. so i was super surprised to see the knights. “WHAT?! i thought they came in much later in the series like alien force later”

  3. they are obviously all human. i dont get why they are going far left with this, its not that deep. especially with grandpa giving the run down. “they are an alien army” not what he said “secret organization collecting alien tech” aka human. the knights templar of aliens. and no one has ever called you mister first name before? its not an alien thing. i’ve been called mr. rickie before by older gentlemen. i never thought anything odd about it but then im very odd so………..

  4. I know they dont read these comments so ill say, ive literally never seen anyone think these guys are aliens, let alone think so with such confidence, biggest miss calvin has had in a long time