Ben 10 1×5 Reaction

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    1. Not for this one. Teen Titans was still on schedule, with the movie just coming out for four sight last week. So they haven’t been behind for this.

  1. So I dunno if the crew will see this, but Grey Matter has super intelligence. Ben wasn’t just assuming there’d be a nerve cluster he could pull if he was tiny, he specifically changed into the alien who would give him the know-how to take the enemies down. Ben didn’t know about the nerve cluster, Grey Matter did.

    1. They do a blackout on all comments and stuff, but they have other like editor rhop who will relay certain comments and things to them when it’s relevant.

  2. Y’all missed what the other alien was saying. Basically he saying Ben can’t die when he has the Omnitrix. The watch has a failsafe plan that when Ben is in danger it will change into an alien to protect to him in any situation. That’s why he changed when he fell into the cavern. And grey matter is smart. That’s how he knew to look for the nerve cluster

  3. forgot like teen titans its heavy on fillers instead of plot episodes. im enjoying this more, the single episodes bring us new aliens and some fun times and new villains. glad we got this plot episode though. you really dont get to know everything that is going til the end of the season and even then as the series goes on there is still more we learn. may be the one complaint of the show: to slow to set up the rules and lore for the powers and the omnitrix

  4. What gray matter lacks in strength he makes up for in Intelligence that’s how Ben knew to look for a “nerve cluster” so yeah Calvin was correct.

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