Ben 10 1×6 Reaction

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      1. With the exception of season 4 every season of ben 10 has a 2-4 episode mix up starting around episode 6. The chronological order of season 1 starting with episode 6 is actually Last Laugh, Kevin, Tourist Trap, and Alliance, with everything returning to the correct order starting with episode 10

  1. Grandpa Max honestly just has really odd tastes. His choice of meals, the kind of tourist traps he would go to. Nothing super deep, he actually just thought it was an awesome place and was 100% sure his grandkids would think the same lol he’s the best.

  2. i think its important to note the creators (man of action) are comic book writers hence why the show is so good, is well written and has all these tropes and references to comic books and geek “culture”. i mean, joe casey wrote xmen. you dont get much better than that!

  3. Ben tried turning into ripjaw in the kraken episode but turned into XLR8 instead. So he has had moments where he doesn’t get the alien he wants.