Ben 10 1×7 Reaction

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  1. There’s so much to this show I just can’t wait until they get to later series
    But past season 1 of Ben 10 Classic I think that’s when they’ll be more invested in this show

    1. Then you should see Aaron and Calvin reacting to Naruto, thats even worse XD Aaron be asking kinda dumb things like “why is the grass so green” and calvin yelling at Aaron and they 2 be discussing it the whole episode whilst Eric and Rick are focusing and reacting. Thats just how they are, no wonder they always be missing stuff

  2. they really went off the rails with that backstory theory. also eric fun fact about animal intelligence, did you know pigs are one of the smartest animals? but we eat them by the ton

  3. me watching the show then and now: born with powers? mutant. absorbs energy like bishop from the xmen (mutant). absorbs powers like rogue from the xmen (mutant). I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  4. they all have the same last name tennyson so yes we know which side of the family max is from as folks take the father’s last name generally speaking.

  5. i got all your references rick. happy days for the fonze. and not only do i know the french connection but its remake and its cousins “the connection” “the english connection” “the korean connection” and of course bruce lee’s “the chinese connection” aka “fists of fury”

  6. It’s officially confirmed, but I feel like the reason there was a swat team, multiple helicopters after ben and kevin, that maybe they were after kevin because of his powers, maybe his informant tipped them off or something idk, just gives a more solid reason for the madness.

  7. I might be mistaken but I think it was confirmed that, YES Kevin is a known criminal and the tip he was given about the warehouse shipment was a sting operation to capture him