Ben 10 2×1 Reaction

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  1. Come to think of it… no wonder Ben had so much trouble with Vilgax. Man’s was strapped to a nuke while getting shot into his ship which previously sucked up a bunch of other nukes… and survived. And this was backed when he was scrawny

  2. So you guys mentioned all the alien threats youd seen so far, most of those werent aliens. like the kraken, the clown freaks, hex is magic not alien. the bug guy wasnt an alien, the 3 from hunted only showed up for ben, in tourist trap the electric aliens were already trapped, the alien tech in the alliance was from vilgax, So there havent been many actual aliens

    1. yeah but as stated last season with the freak show ep: the working theory until told otherwise by the show, everything is alien based. so mutants like kevin and the freak show trio? alien human hybrids or descendants of aliens. hex? using alien tech (the charms) and calling it magic. that is mostly rick’s stance but the others are open to it being a possibility

  3. changed the status quo? wait til you see NEXT week’s episode. changing some more status quos………also, they pulled a gwen. she should have kept that charm and they should have kept null void projector

  4. not men in black cause they didnt JUST deal with aliens. more like shield if anything. and my point of reference for the null void projector is the phantom zone projector but the null void itself gives me negative zone vibes. ver ff meets supes. how i never figured out man of action worked in comics til your reactions is beyond me lol SO OBVIOUS NOW

  5. i hope max took a BUNCH of those weapons from the plumbers lair. i personally would take it all. you never know what you will end up facing. he is NOT in retirement anymore and ben needs all the help he can get. as for as why ben looks different from the aliens he turns into: (this is mostly a theory but my subconscious could be pulling from lore) the omnitrix is tied to his dna some some of his dna is infused with his alien forms, hence why he is always male and with similar voices. we would need to see other true aliens of the ones he turns into to confirm this but thats the theory im going with

  6. The reason Ben’s form for wildmutt looks different than the others of his own species is because the omnitrix transforms them into an alien of the same age as him or the equivalent to it, so ben is a younger vulpimancer.

  7. Like Isaac mentioned but he will be turned into a adult form if the child form is to weak, wild mut is a young alien but still quiet strong. But for diamond head isn’t a child because children in his species are weak