Ben 10 2×10 Reaction

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Comment (5)

  1. cant wait to get to Alien force
    i enjoyed ben 10 when it first released but watching them back i await the better story alien force tells and it just becomes better overall

  2. the hoverboard is an expandable skateboard, thats how i view it. also, the first time we saw it, a GIANT alien was on it so the perspective was different. ben on the hoverboard vs a 7 foot, dwayne the rock johnson sized alien is different. of course it would look huge on tiny ben compared to the first time we saw it.

  3. same. i HAD to get a smartphone (samsung of course) in 2018 cause my non-smartphone got “lost” (it was stolen) and all the non smartphones i saw at walmart were more expensive so i just bite the bullet. i still dont use it like other folks do. i’ve been using a computer since 2000 to access the internet. my phone is a phone that i just so happen to have the ability to access the interwebs