Ben 10 2×11 Reaction

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    1. There’s a production order and an airing order to the episodes, the story lines and somethings make more sense in the production order. So they are still going to watch all the episodes but in the order they were prodcued not aired on TV.


      If you look at the episode number, then look further to the right at the production code, you’ll notice that the aired order is different from the production order.
      Though most of us watched it in the order it aired, the “proper” way to watch it is by the production order.

      So for instance, episodes 1-5 are ordered correctly, as the production codes are 101-105, but episode 6’s production code is 108. The 9th episode to air should have been the 6th episode to air, but it was aired out of production order. They’re just trying to watch it in the intended order to avoid continuity errors. Characters mentioning events that hadn’t happened yet and things like that.