Ben 10 2×2 Reaction

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    1. I get people are excited to see their reactions to certain things but can y’all stop with the spoilers even the small spoilers “Kevin’s mutation” they’ll find out all of this stuff in time especially if they continue to UAF

      1. the guys dont monitor the chat, an editor does so they will not be spoiled. the chat is for us to discuss amongst ourselves and to give insight when they are lost on something that is pointed out in the episode and the editor/moderator would relay said information to them.

        1. One of the big reasons why they stopped reading comments is because of people constantly posting spoilers even when they have repeatedly asked everyone not to.

          1. 1. I’ve never once heard them ask for no spoilers in comment sections, only that someone who’s already seen whatever they’re watching is monitoring it.

            2. If they’ve already stopped reading comments because people post spoilers, why does it matter that people post spoilers now.

  1. its cool seeing the crew slowly find out things about the omnitrix and the universe of the show, hopefully they stick with it through til the end of omniverse

  2. now knowing who man of action is, the comics/marvel comics references are so blatant. this is galactus and his heralds missing one girl, cause there are four: terrax, surfer, firelord and airwalker. these 3 to me are obviously terrax (axe dude) and airwalker (the lead speaker) but not sure who the little guy could be. given his pleasant disposition and his translator role (like surfer in galactus’ first appearance) he could be a sub in for surfer

  3. the season one finale is the reason. vilgax did something to the omnitrix letting ben change at will. we can then deduce that whatever that was (the master control release?) also unlocked other aliens since it (vilgax) unlocked the FULL potential of the omnitrix

  4. Why are you Annoyed that they don’t have information that is learned **throughout the serie**?? Pls, it’s like you think they see the show already knowing things and not, as you know, for the first time

  5. he’s still 10 years old, a year hasnt past. this is still summer vacation. the ben 10 first series takes place over the summer (3 months). 4 seasons/years for us, in story 3 months. just like comics. superman and pals are only in their 30s despite being around since the 30s and 40s. a 12 issue run could cover a week. it could also cover two days or one day depending on the story

  6. Why are you annoyed with them learning the show as its meant to be learned? You want them to have knowledge they shouldn’t have. You are literally spoiling the show for them because you are bothered they haven’t watched it yet?

  7. Firstly, it’s their first viewing, as others have said. How did you find all of that out? By watching the series? Duhh.

    Secondly, they won’t see this because they don’t read comments because people like you put spoilers in them. Duhh.

  8. This was the 1st ever episode I saw, so it has a very special place in my heart, I hate gross puss like things so I HATE it, but it was my first so… yeah
    so glad they murdered the giant planet eating gross tick & like that was so violent & so satisfying
    the one thing I didnt like was how it immediately reverted but its for kids so its gotta be immediate so they know its all ok

  9. Cannon bolt is pretty strong, like he is stronger than four arm’s. Not physically stronger but the force he can create when rolling at max speed is much stronger than four arms strongest punch. Like vilgax can beat fourarm’s in a contest of strength but he can’t stop cannonbolt when he’s going at full speed