Ben 10 2×4 Reaction

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Comment (14)

  1. person that pushes to be a hero: plastic man, chalice, booster gold, jubilee, gladiator jr, all of avengers academy, all of young avengers, all of legion of super heroes…….plenty of intentional hereos. then you have the brooding spidermen of the world “it is my curse and my burden” ugh that dude needs a chill pill

    1. One of the mods on discord is put together their watch order. It’s probably buried, but he posted it a while ago and it was correct if memory serves me right

  2. Not every hero needs to be the type who’s “cursed with powers” or “never chose to be a hero”. There’s plenty of great heroes and characters who are the opposite of that and I’m glad Ben 10 did not go that route

  3. I’m honestly surprised there hasn’t been any Ben 10 merch in the mailbag videos yet. I do think merch for the OG series is hard to come across though, as the reboot is the main focus nowadays