Ben 10 3×13 Reaction

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  1. it was asigned to max’s dna and that is why it was able to bond to ben (and in another universe gwen). thats why vilgax cant just take it off (partially). he has to rewrite the dna that its coded to so he can bond with it

  2. Eric’s reaction to Upchuck was the highlight of this reaction😂😂 was hoping Rick would be back for this one. But I hope he gets better and joins them for the season finale. It gets so good in these next 2 episodes.

    1. As far as the original trilogy goes Dwayne McDuffie believed max had been married several times, so this interaction makes a lot more sense in that context. Since Max would want a companion who understands his life and secrets, but is attracted to female aliens who share his love of travel. As a result they always end up leaving since Max could never go with them, first because of his duty as a plumber and then later because of his family

  3. Can we stop the upgrade discussion. Upgrade early season one upgraded a workout machine. No tech he upgraded it. Whatever inorganic material upgrade touches he can upgrade. How well it works or how useful it will be is forever up for debate