Ben 10 3×2 Reaction

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  1. Ben 10000 didjt actually have much of an ego orher then thinking he didnt need help (which he actually didnt) and its why he doesnt name hos aliens baddass things anymore the main issue with him is that hes always working and putting it all on himself even though that means ignoring others like when he was talking to gwen at rhe start he seemed polite but the issue is he was only talking about work and not just being ben insead of the alien hero who has to work

  2. or you could not be sex addicted and know that you NEED food to live and cake is a type of food so yeah, there are lots of things better than sex. music, movies, comics. it just doesnt compare. 2 hours of work vs 2 hours of enjoyment (movie) are not the same thing at all

  3. To future Ben’s credit, he left Animo to the Galactic Enforcers, and … well… yeah… I can see why he thought, “It’s probably better if I just do things by myself.” They also hinted that he went through something traumatic in the episode.

  4. They probably will make people vote in a poll if want see if BW fans want them to do Ben 10 Alien Force cause they don’t just go ahead and do a spin-off series