Ben 10 3×6 Reaction

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Comment (12)

  1. ben is like teen titans: 3 or 4 episodes of plot spread out throughout the season and the rest are all standalone eps aka filler. my one major critique of both series. give me MORE plot and LESS filler. its not like this is buffy or xena with 20+ episodes a season like tighten it up! dont remember if alien force is the same structure but i definitely enjoyed the fillers more

    1. That’s just not how cartoons were back then. Besides, the “filler” episodes of Teen Titans and this are still great episodes despite not advancing the overarching plot.

    2. “dont remember if alien force is the same structure”
      Alien Force still has stand alone “filler episodes”, but they come back afterwards to make it feel more connected. Because “Finding plumbers and building a team” becomes one of Max’s missions, filler like Darkstar or Cooper comes back for the S2 finale. The show also gets better at referencing previous episodes to make it feel more connected, like how much Ghostfreak is mentioned in an otherwise complete filler episode about Big Chill going rogue.

  2. I recognized Ishiyama’s voice Immediately but I couldn’t place it. I knew it definitely wasn’t George Takei.. I had to look it up but it turns out he voiced Chen Stormstout in World of Warcraft. That’s where I know that voice from.

  3. Cant believe they joked about Rick missing an ep with something he loved & then it happened immediately XD bonus Grandpa Max becoming sumo!! I really hope he loved it on his own

  4. I wonder if any of the Sumo Slammers video game was inspired by Samurai Jack?

    A noble Japanese warrior locked in eternal battle with a shapeshifting sorcerer who uses robot minions in a setting that’s a mix of alien high technology and traditional aesthetic.