Ben 10 3×7 Reaction

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Comment (7)

  1. I just know you guys are gonna love the future series, and watching the original is gonna give you so much appreciation for everything you see later! I do agree though, man Ben is such a little shit, I never saw him that way when I was a younger but man…I see it so much now lmao

  2. Prolly because we all were little shits back then and we saw Ben as a normal kid like us. Then when we grow up we see how much of little shit he really is, but I still love it. And it makes his character growth in the next few series understandable

  3. I mean yeah Ben is entitled and annoying but he’s also 10 years old. He has very few interests and one of them happens to be a sumo video game, his game system got destroyed and after this he’s expected to enjoy this old school music festival that has nothing to do with his self-interest. And by the end of this episode, he comes around so literally with in the span of a few hours he’s not being how he was.

  4. I just want to say to Rick, I know it’s taken a while to find your groove in this reacting stuff, but you’re doing great lately. You’ve really come into it and I can tell you’re enjoying yourself more.

    And some spot on commentary too haha.