Ben 10 4×10 Reaction

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  1. Yes, every time Ben discovers a new alien, him naming it is basically Ben creating a new slur for each and every species he comes across.

      1. I’d say that depends on the context. Ben is essentially naming a race based on their characteristics. While that’s something that mankind has done with animals with no complaints, when you start doing it to intelligent species, in theory it could rub them the wrong way. Calling a Petrosapien “Diamondhead” could be considered the same thing as calling a black man “burntface” or an albino “pale freak.” It’s worse when Ben goes on to refer to the races themselves by his pet nicknames. Calling them “Wildmuts” and “Diamondheads” to their faces is probably not the best thing he could do, diplomatically.

    1. Considering they didnt reference anything else when discussing the omnitrix, I’m going to guess no. Way Big is one of the more iconic aliens in the series so they might have seem him somewhere else

    2. I think they reference waybig because in the actual episode early on Ken 10 briefly mentions a bunch of aliens he wishes he got in his new omnitrix, Such as Way Big.