Ben 10 4×8 Reaction

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        1. From what I understand, though I haven’t personally checked to be sure, they’re following the production order. Every television show has two orders, a production order and a broadcast order. Sometimes they line up the same, sometimes the don’t. Sometimes that’s by the creators request because a certain episode needs more production time, sometimes the studios just screw up airing the episodes. Sometimes they’ll delay an episode for another reason, like the creators having a bomb related plot, only for there to be a massive terrorist bombing in the weeks leading up to the episode. Out of an abundance of care for the victims, they’ll air in a different order. You get the idea.

          Cartoon Network is notorious for airing shows in a different order than they were produced. Ben 10 is one of those shows. Personally, I think they just got mixed up and aired them incorrectly.

  1. its that teen titans episode all over again. so of course i forgot about this too lol. cars = so dont care. in two weeks we get a good filler. cant wait for it! return of a fan favorite.