Berserk 01 Reaction

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  1. Personally as some one who didn’t read the Manga till years after watching the anime. And being only 16 when the anime first came out and watching it back then, I am glad that I watched it in the original order. Starting with Ep 1. Because to be honest I’m not a huge fan of this anime, I LOVE the Manga and the story of Berserk but without that first glimpse of the black swordsman in Ep 1 that really got me hooked and wanting to see where the story leads I probably wouldn’t have stuck with the anime.

  2. You should continue watching the Berserk series. If you have never read the manga then it will not be as bad as you have been told. [My Opinion]

  3. Ever since of Miura Death I started watching the 2016 CGI Berserk Series and it was not that bad. I began to appreciate the style being an “animated manga” approach.

  4. Rick when you guys started watching demon slayer, you said ” I love a good demon slayer” never thought you where referring to this show lol.

  5. I definitely think it would be worthwhile for the guys to watch the final movie. As for Eric reading the manga, he’s going to love it. I’m excited to hear his thoughts about it eventually!

    Maybe one day we will get a worthy adaptation of the manga that covers everything that has been written by Miura. It’s saddening that a great animation studio has not worked a deal for that yet.

  6. I’d love seeing them react to the movies!! After watching The Fast and Furious saga you can watch Berserk trilogy! Hahahaah, and get some answers too